An Antidote to the Adversary’s Devices


That old serpent called the Accuser (Devil), the Adversary (Satan), the deceiver or liar is the one of whom our Master Yahshua said, “When this one speaks a lie, this one speaks from this one’s own self, because this one is a liar and the father of lies,” (John 8:44). Yahweh was pleased in creating to give many animals subtlety to some cunning combined with strength; to others instincts of amazing wisdom for self-preservation and the procuring of food. But all the wise instincts and cunning of all the animals of the field are by far excelled by the cunning of the Adversary. Even man, although more cunning than animals, is no match for the cunning of the Adversary.

The Adversary is the master deceiver and is able to overcome us for several reasons. A primary reason that the Adversary is so cunning is that this one is full of malice. When a human being is vengeful it is amazing how they become and the many ways they find opportunities to strike out at the object of their wrath. When hostility possesses a person, he or she becomes exceedingly crafty in the means used to provoke and injure the opponent. Yet there is no one more full of malice against mankind than the Adversary, as he proves every day, and this malice sharpens his mind so that the Adversary becomes exceedingly cunning.

The Adversary is even more cunning now than in the days of Adam and Chawah (Eve), because he has had many years of dealing with the human species. When the Adversary tempted Chawah in the garden of Eden, this was the first occasion, but now he has spent a very long time exercising his diabolical thoughts and power to annoy and ruin mankind. There is not a follower of Yahshua who the Adversary has not attacked, nor a law breaker (sinner) who this one has not misled. Together with the Adversary’s army of evil spirits, they continue to exercise a terrible control over the people on earth; they are skilled in all the arts of temptation.

I suppose there is nothing of human nature that the Adversary cannot unravel. Though doubtless the Adversary is the biggest fool that has ever existed, yet beyond all doubt he is the craftiest of fools. This is no paradox, because craft is always foolishness and cunning is a departure from wisdom.

First I will define the craft and cunning of the Adversary and the methods in which he attacks our lives. Second, I will give a few words of wisdom that we must exercise against him and the evil spirits, and the only means we can use to prevent his craftiness from being the instrument of our destruction.

The Adversary reveals craft and cunning by the methods of attack. He does not attack with unbelief and distrustfulness the person who is content and at peace; he attacks when a person is weak and vulnerable. The weapons the Adversary uses against us are self-love, self-confidence, worldliness, and our own evil desires which come from our fallen evil natures. He very seldom attacks a person in an area of strength, but mostly looks for weak points, those hidden areas of temptation. The Adversary says, “There is where I will strike the blow!” Yahweh help us in the time of battle and in the hour of conflict! Indeed, unless Yahshua gives us the power, this crafty foe would easily find enough holes in our armor to send a deadly arrow into our lives, so that we would fall wounded before the Adversary.

Pay close attention, therefore; “Put on the whole armor of Yahweh,” (Eph. 6:11). “Become self-controlled and watchful; your adversary the accuser prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour! Resist the adversary, stand firm in the belief and trust of Yahshua,” (1 Peter 5:8-9). Do this and Yahshua will help you overcome the Adversary!

Sometimes the Adversary will attack the child of Yahweh with past remembrances, when they were still living by their fallen evil natures. Other times the Adversary will accuse us, thus: “On this day you broke Yahweh’s Law in this way – so how can you be a child of Yahweh’s?” Again he will say, “You are self-righteous, therefore you cannot inherit the Kingdom of Yahweh !” Or maybe the Adversary will tempt you by another example, “So and so does it and they are believers, so why can’t I do the same thing?” Be very careful because the Adversary knows how to test you. This one comes armed to cut you down!


The Adversary also uses others to do his dirty work. When Samson had to be overcome, the Adversary used Delilah to test him. He knew Samson’s weakness and therefore tested him through the woman he desired. Sometimes the Adversary uses a woman’s own husband to cause her to fall, or uses a dear friend to test us. He also uses cunning in the timing of his attacks. For example when I was very sick, he gave me a most terrible thrashing. Why not attack when I am strong? The coward!

I always find that if my spirit sinks and I am in a low condition, this is when the Adversary chooses to attack me with doubt and unbelief. Let the attack come when we are focused on Yahshua and are pouring out our hearts in prayer before Yahweh, and we are able to withstand by showing him that we can fight against his evil ploys. But no, the Adversary knows that at these times we have strength to resist and overcome through Yahshua. Therefore, he comes when there are clouds between us and Yahweh. When our spirits are weak and we are depressed, then he will test us to lead us to distrust Yahshua’s words.

Our desire is to enter Yahweh’s Kingdom, but we cannot enter while standing still. The “city of destruction” is behind us and death pursues us, but we must press on toward our goal, the Kingdom; but in the way stands this roaring lion looking for someone to devour! What will we do? He will use his great cunning, so how will we overcome him? Will we try to be more cunning than he? This would be very foolish, and indeed, against Yahweh’s Law. To seek to be crafty like the Adversary would be evil and we would be defeated. What will we do, then? Will we attempt to attack him with our own wisdom and strength? Our wisdom and strength is but foolishness! So what then, are we to do?

The only way to repel the Adversary’s cunning is by acquiring True Wisdom. This is not man’s wisdom, so what are we talking about? Here is True Wisdom – if you will successfully wrestle with the Adversary, make Yahweh’s Word your daily commune! Out of Yahweh’s Word, continually draw your armor and ammunition; lay hold on the Truth of Yahweh’s Word, make it your daily meat and drink. Then you will be strong enough to resist all the Adversary’s darts and you will be full of joy when he flees from you.

Above all, if we wish to resist him, we must not only look to the written Word, but to the Living Word. We must turn to Yahshua, “who from Yahweh is made into us wisdom, righteousness (holiness), separation from evil and has paid the price for our freedom,” 1 Cor. 1:30. Yahshua must teach us, lead us and be our all in all things! We must keep in close fellowship with Yahshua. The sheep are only safe from the wolf when the shepherd is there. We will never be so secure from the arrows of the Adversary as when we are in fellowship with Yahshua. As a child of Yahweh, we must live according to Yahshua’s example, live in daily fellowship with Him, trust in His atonement and then we will overcome the cunning and craftiness of the Adversary.

It is a great joy to all Believers in Yahshua to know that in the long run the cunning of the Adversary will be defeated, and this one’s evil designs against us, True Followers of Yahshua, will prove to be of no effect. Are you looking forward to the day when all your temptations are over and you will live in Yahshua’s presence?

Once upon a time the Assembly of Yahshua was like a little brook flowing along a narrow ditch. Just a few believers in Yahshua the Messiah were gathered at Yahrushalem, and the Adversary thought, “Now I will get a big stone and stop the brook from flowing.” So he got a great stone and threw it down in the middle of the brook, thinking it would stop running. Instead, the drops were scattered all over the world and each drop became the beginning of a fresh fountain. That stone was persecution, and the followers of Yahshua were scattered by it. Those who were scattered went everywhere proclaiming the Good News of Yahshua the Messiah (Acts 8:4). Therefore, the Assembly of Yahshua was multiplied and the Adversary was defeated, if only temporarily.

So, when you detect an attack from the Adversary (or your own evil, human nature), do not fear, but resist by standing on the Truth of Yahweh’s Word and your belief (faith) in Yahshua to deliver you, and you will overcome the Adversary’s attacks. HalleluYAH! ~

(Editor’s Note: This article was written by Pat McCullock, 862 Whiskey Creek Beach Rd. Port Angeles , WA 98363 , and was edited by Moises Ibarra #V46200/B1-205up, Salinas Valley State Prison, 31625 Hwy. 101/PO Box 1050, Soledad, CA 93960. In addition, I did some minor editing for clarity) fb~