An Open Letter to the Elders and Members of the Various Assemblies of Yahweh


n August 3, 2002, I gave a talk at the annual Unity Conference of representatives and members of Yahweh’s scattered  Assemblies that had gathered in Cisco, Texas . The subject was one that has been a recurring subject of controversy ever since I learned that Yahweh has a Name (1985). And that subject is the timing of Passover. Is it the beginning or the end of the 14th?  Or is it the 15th?

After literally years of study, having researched every aspect of it that I could find, both in scripture and in secular sources, I have concluded, along with several others, that we had been doing it wrong all these years. Yes, that is correct. Wrong night. Please read on.

I passed out copies of my study to all in attendance, and asked those there to please study it carefully, checking out all the Scriptures given, plus any other evidence either for or against that they might know of. Then I invited all who would to please give me their feedback on their conclusions. Not one has responded to this day, nor have any of the Assemblies that were doing it wrong, made any changes, except our own.

Since that time I sent a copy to every Assembly I had an address for, those not represented at the Conference mostly. None of them ever responded, either. My only conclusion is that no one cares. “We’ve always done it this way, so it must be right,” they seem to be saying.

The error is simply this, and if you are diligent enough to study a few simple, plain Scriptures, you, too, can see the error. We have traditionally kept what we call Passover at the beginning of the 14th of Abib,  at the end of the 13th, with unleavened bread. Then the next morning, still the 14th, we go back to eating leaven products. Then at sundown beginning the 15th, we start again to eat unleavened, and do so for seven days. We have assumed, based on prior teachings, that the Israelites spent the daylight portion of the 14th by “spoiling” the Egyptians.

This scenario cannot be so, and I challenge each one of you to study the related Scriptures carefully. We need to correct this error. What if Yahshua had made a similar error? We would have no Savior!

I do not have room enough to present the entire study, so am printing the introduction. For the complete article, please check the web page or write for a printed copy. The title is “Study on Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Yahshua’s Memorial Supper.”

I believe that this error sprang from the teachings of the late Herbert W. Armstrong, self-proclaimed Apostle of the Worldwide Church of God. It seems that many of his views and doctrines were adopted by some of the early Sacred Name people. Chief of these were his ideas of “church government,” timing of Passover and Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), just to name a few. And of these three, every single one turned out to be in error.

Yet, they were adopted by the leader of the foremost Yahwist Assembly at that time, and later carried to many others because of numerous splits from that group. So, today, it seems that only a very few have ever really given this the attention that it deserves.

So here is the introduction to the study. It is my hope and prayer that it will receive the proper attention this time around. ~fb~