"Anomia"-- A Word Study
By Al Dupus

Anomia is found in the Greek text of the New Testament only a dozen times. Even though not used often, the word has considerable impact on each passage. An examination of these passages points out a fundamental truth that is of great importance for anyone wanting to understand the New Testament.
The meaning of "anomia" is well agreed upon by Strong's (#458), Young's, Vine's, Zodhiates and others. It means not lawful or more strongly worded lawlessness. The King James Version usually renders it "iniquity" as well as "unrighteousness" and "transgression of the law." These words don't carry the force of the more literal lawlessness and some of the intensity of the word is softened. The New King James Version uses the literal rendering and it will be quoted in this study.


I John 3:4: "Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness." It is interesting to look in a Bible dictionary or a commentary and try to find a concise definition of sin. Yahweh has provided it in this passage although most of the dictionaries and commentaries seem oblivious to it. Harmonizing the New Testament with the Old is not a priority with most of these sources.


Romans 4:7: "Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered," quoting Psalm 32:1. We rejoice continually in this salvation we share, being covered by Yahshua's saving sacrifice.


Romans 6:19: "I speak in human terms because of the weakness of your flesh. For just as you presented your members as slaves of uncleanness, and of lawlessness leading to more lawlessness, so now present your members as slaves of righteousness for holiness." We can no longer be enslaved to breaking Yahweh's law but must become new creatures striving after righteousness.


2 Thessalonians 2:7: For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way." It is interesting to see that the NKJV margin note for verse 3 of this passage gives an alternate reading of "the man of sin" as "the man of lawlessness." Lawlessness is the tool of the evil one and is being taught in today's churches in direct opposition to the Scriptures.


Titus 2:14: Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for himself his own special people, zealous for good works." We know that salvation is not by works but by the redeeming blood of the Messiah Yahshua. A zeal to do good works is the Holy Spirit motivating us to be obedient children to the Father we love.


Hebrews 1:8-9a: "But to the son he says: 'Your throne, O Elohim is forever and ever; a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your kingdom. You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness," quoting Psalm 45:6-7a. Yahshua loves righteousness and hates lawlessness. He will hand over a purified kingdom to the Father. His love for the Father is too great to allow lawlessness to rule.


Hebrews 10:16-17: "'This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days,' says Yahweh; 'I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds I will write them.' Then He adds, 'their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more,'" quoting from Jeremiah 31:33-34. True law keeping is more than physical acts. It is a matter of having obedience to the Father in our heart (Mark 12:29-31).


Matthew 23:27-28: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like white-washed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness. Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness." These "religious experts" were righteous, even super-righteous by their own standards. But their hypocritical hearts and devotion to their traditions were confronted repeatedly by Yahshua as it had been by the prophets before him. Even though Jews by birth, they were not the true Yahudas, the praisers of Yah (Romans 2:28-29, Deuteronomy. 30:6).


Matthew 24:12: And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold." The preachers of today teach that law-keeping stifles love, yet Yahshua said just the opposite in his prophecy of end-time conditions. Woe to the person who teaches against Yahweh's law (Matthew 5:19).


2 Corinthians 6:14: "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?" It is past time for Yahweh's people to come out from the world's religions! True worship of the loving Father must be in spirit and truth. The Father is looking for that in his people (John 4:23-24).


Matthew 13:41: "The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness, and will cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth." Yahshua will be diligent in carrying out the will of the Father.


Matthew 7:21-23: "Not everyone who says to me, 'Master, Master,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, 'Master, Master, have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name, and done many wonders in your name?' And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness."
Can we come to realize that there is vain worship? The "religious experts" of Yahshua's day thought they could not be wrong in their form of worship, but they were (Mark 7:6-7). And how are we doing today? We must strive after the truth and put it into practice. An intellectual knowledge is just not enough. The missing ingredient has to be present (1 Corinthians 13:1-3).


Keeping Yahweh's ways, that is, lawfulness, from the heart is the Father's design for his children. Love for the Father and our fellow man (Matthew 22:36-40) is fulfilled by having our Creator's desires in our hearts and putting them into action (1 John 5:2-3).
Hallelu YAH! -Al Dupus

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