"Remove My Name…."

I have noted with interest that some people will cancel a subscription to a publication with which they disagree at the "drop of a hat." Maybe they agree with all except one article, but will still cancel. This tells me a couple of things. One, they are not interested in an opposing viewpoint, and two, they are certain their own understanding is correct.
There is a major problem with this reasoning. We cannot grow unless we are challenged. Our minds must be exercised. We must study Yahweh's Word (2 Tim. 2:15). Iron sharpens iron. We use our wits coupled with the Holy Spirit that should be within us, to discern right from wrong. Isaiah 8:20 tells us the standard: To the Law and to the Testimony, if they speak not according to this word (the Bible), it is because there is no light (truth) in them.
If we only read material that agrees with our own present understanding, then how can we grow? We are admonished to "grow in grace and knowledge." If I had refused to read anything "new," I would still be a nominal non-practicing Protestant with limited or no understanding of the true plan of Salvation. I thank Yahweh that He opened my eyes to His truths, and for giving me the opportunity to share with you. Of course, I do not claim to know it all. No one does. Even the Apostle Paul said we understand in part now (1 Cor 13:12). That is why I say, "study it out for yourself." If you do, and still disagree, that's OK. We should not fall out because of doctrinal differences. <>

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