Notice: There is a strong probability that the new moon of the Seventh Month will not be seen the eve of Sept 23 as I predicted, but will be seen the next night.
This means that all the High Sabbaths of the Seventh Month will be one day later than listed previously, as follows: Feast of Trumpets will be Monday, Sept. 25; Day of Atonement, Wednesday, Oct. 4, and Tabernacles/Last Great Day Monday, Oct. 9 through Monday, Oct 16.
We still plan to arrive at the Taneyville Feast site on Friday, Oct. 6, and will have a Sabbath service on Oct. 7, with the first FOT service at 7:30 PM, Sunday, Oct. 8.
Be sure to look for the New Moon on the evening of Sept. 23. If you see it, please let me know. In that case, we will go ahead with the original dates.
I hope this does not unduly inconvenience anyone.
Frank Brown