I Dare You!

An article to challenge Christians of all denominations to think carefully about what some human traditions may look like in the Eyes of our Creator.  In the world-to-come, when we are resurrected and clothed with immortality, there will be TWO "denominations".   Which denomination is of Yahushua?


Written by Lew White, author of “Fossilized Customs,” and “In the Twinkling of an Eye, the End of Days.”

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Please consider taking a dare.  This is a challenge for you to think outside of “the box”, your denominationWhich "denomination" is the right one?  In the world-to-come, there will be "two" denominations.  Read this article, and you'll find out what they are.  A basic struggle we all have is getting at the Truth, and seeing things from our Creator's point-of-view.  We all have beliefs, but what we really need is the Truth;   the true facts.   We have to stop limiting things to man's point-of-view alone.

At Deut. 12:30-32, we are commanded to not learn the "ways" of the Pagans (to not learn or adopt formats or traditions which Pagans used to serve their idols), nor worship YHWH in their way.   That eliminates the excuse that is most popular:  that because we aren't thinking about worshipping YHWH in a Pagan way, then the previous Pagan activity is "cleansed" of all its pagan origins and intentions.   If intentions are what makes things OK, YHWH would have told us this; but the golden calf was made with the intention of worshipping YHWH, and we see that the whole nation of Israel was almost destroyed. "Pagan" is the same thing as "Satanic".   Sorcery, astrology, or magic (black or white) are all the "works of the devil". Worshipping YHWH in a way He did not develop is very dangerous. Most of you are aware that "Halloween" is a previously Pagan observance, and have begun by withdrawing your family's involvement in it  -  and you've felt the heat from family and friends over it, too. Well, you need to look carefully into the origins of the holidays we've inherited called "Christmas" and "Easter" as well. Relax, because the Truth and your belief in our Messiah and His Word will stand firm; but you will discover that "Christmas" and "Easter" are no different than Halloween  -  formerly they were Pagan observances which became camouflaged and revised to appear as something different than what they really are.   Paganism, witchcraft, and Satanism are all the same thing  --  rebellion against YHWH. You will hear all sorts of excuses for these holidays, and the heat you've felt over Halloween is nothing compared to what you will be feeling when you learn the true background of Christmas and Easter. The very religious Pilgrims that came to the continent of North America in the 15th century were fleeing severe persecution for their understandings of Scripture, and the first colonies established had laws on the books which outlawed the Pagan observance of Christmas - because they all knew what it really was.    This all became more relaxed as increasing numbers of Irish Catholics immigrated to this continent. The Colonials didn't like the Irish very much because of their Catholicism - the thing many of them had fled from - not  because they were Irish! The idea of "SUN-DAY" being the Sabbath, changed during the 4th century, is another area that generates a lot of heat.

    If you need a Christmas tree, or a chocolate bunny rabbit & Easter eggs, or wish to change the day of rest which YHWH has established, and you don't know there's anything wrong, then you are without a knowledge of sin (Jn. 15:22).   1 Cor. 9:21 should be a strong warning for those "without the law" however.   When you have been told, and investigate what Scripture says about these things, and don't repent, you are responsible; and guilty of an even greater transgression. These pagan traditions are idolatry, because they originated in idolatry.  The RCC [Roman Catholic Church] used "missionary adaptation" on us, inculcating formerly Pagan elements into populations to "convert" the people using their familiar patterns of worship. In other words, the Pagan format remained intact, but the meaning of the terms, symbols, and traditions were altered, and Scripture had to be suppressed to pull it off.

    In the Creator's eyes, these Pagan elements cannot be washed and changed into anything else.  A pig, after it is cleaned up, is still a pig, even if you put lipstick on it and pretend it's changed. Converts who have been cleaned from their idolatry are like pigs if their hearts are not converted. But, the Jesuits and Dominicans don't care about YHWH; the "end" justifies the "means". Like pigs, they too will return to their mud hole, and like a dog, return to their vomit.   The lure is just too much.

    The context of Romans 14 is speaking about "special days", because the Yahudim had human traditions concerning fasting twice each week.   If someone didn't follow the pattern, they were regarded as less pious. Shaul (Paul) was simply declaring that what we do or don't do is OK, fasting or not, but he is not condoning the adoption of previously pagan customs and traditions to honor YHWH with them. This is going far beyond the intention of what Shaul wrote. Shaul is commonly misunderstood to be sure.   Peter warned us not to misunderstand Shaul's writings [2 Peter 3:15-16].

    Often, it is said,  "Christians do not have to observe any particular day". Most have been taught that SUN-DAY is the "Christian Sabbath", and even believing this they will buy and sell or work on this day, the 1st day of each week. They will agree, however, that their SUN-DAY is certainly not the Sabbath that Yahushua observed.


    How we live is a mixture of how we were molded and taught, and what we have chosen to accept or reject.  Our walk reveals who we really serve, even if we are deceived about who that is. The Hebraic concept of how we live is called “halakah”, from the word halak, referring to our “walk”. The “way” or “path” on which we do this “walking” is either the narrow path of light (as Torah directs us in its teachings/directions), or the broad road of darkness that follows no directions from Torah. This road of darkness without Torah leads to death (the eternal kind). The Torah is the way, our map, to direct us into “paths of righteousness” which YHWH guides us into “for His Name’s sake”. All who call on His true Name must depart from all unrighteousness, or it brings shame upon His Name. Yahushua is "the way", the living Torah (Word of YHWH), and the light. His religion - the way He lives - is the only way; there's no other way to enter eternal life but through the gateway. You cannot invent your own way, or path, and sneak in without accepting the love for the Truth, which is His Torah. He will give you this love for His Torah, but you have to want it, and ask Him for it.

    How do you live?   Most of us are raised in a denomination or mold, called “a religion”. These may be about the Messiah, but are any of them the Messiah’s religion? 1 Yn [John] 2:6 says, “The one who says he stays in Him ought himself also to walk, even as He walked.”  Do we need to have a degree in Theology to understand what that sentence might mean?

Further, 2 Yn. 1:6 tells us, "And this is the love, that we walk according to His Commands.  This is the Command, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it."   Our obedience is the evidence of our faithfulness, and shows YHWH [Yahweh] that we are His servants, and we're not inventing our own methodology or following any humanly-designed process.   The Commandments are not new, and neither can they be revoked; they define what a sin is  (see 1 Yn. 3:4, Jas. 1:22-25).   The New (or renewed) Covenant is having these Commands written upon our hearts and minds by Yahushua's Spirit  (Heb.8). Even SATAN is a believer  (Ya'aqob/James 2:19) . . .  but this rebellious being will not serve and obey!

    It’s how we walk (our halakah) that reveals the truth about whether our “religion” is His religion, or is just about Him.  One path is the path of light, guided by the Torah, and the other is designed by traditions of men to win the approval of men , seminary-trained, but flawed in their walk, having exchanged the Commandments of YHWH for the traditions of men. Unless your conscience is completely numbed by listening to the intoxicating excuses and deceiving teachings, you know that most have fulfilled the prophecy that there would be an “apostasy”, or falling-away from the Torah, the true faith. It can only be determined by what is right, or righteous, as defined by the Torah - not the masquerading messengers of light who fill our heads with traditional lies that have no basis from Scripture. Test everything, especially the excuses you are taught, and ask for the clear Scriptural foundation they base their teachings upon.   If we are taught that we no longer have to obey a Commandment, there had better be clear Scriptural verses to show this to be true.   A good place to start investigating would be to study the 4th Commandment, concerning the “Shabbath”, which commands us to rest on the 7th day of each week - in commemoration of Creation week.   Has this Commandment been annulled by YHWH, or men?    Can men alter any of the Commandments?    They may claim they have the authority, but Scripturally this is simply not true. Catholics have claimed the authority to "bind and loose" is in the hands of men; however these words simply mean "forbid and permit", and the men (elders) who can do this are intended to be guided solely by a thorough knowledge of Torah (what YHWH has spoken in His Word). Men have departed from the Torah, and the "apostasy" is this falling away from Torah. "Nicolaitans" have invented their own way of serving, and it's been designed to make them rich,   borrowing heavily from Pagan backgrounds.   Consequently, we see many things "forbidden and permitted" which are simply the whims of men, apart from the counsel of Scripture. They tickle people's ears to make things feel warm and fuzzy for everyone.

The conscience which YHWH put within us is supposed to warn us when we do wrong, but if it is "seared", or short-circuited with false doctrine, it cannot do this.   When we drink clean water (Truth) and poisoned water (false doctrine) together, it is what Scripture calls "wormwood", and we are in a stupor. Most people stay "drunk" on this wormwood, flowing from pulpits each week. Words of men tickle their ears, and they are constantly made to feel at ease, but they remain in idolatrous sin.

Our "worship" is really obedience, the doing of what YHWH expects of us. If we neglect doing what He expects of us, but assume our intentions will serve the same results, then we didn't understand the Fall, the golden calf incident, nor why Qayin's (Cain's) offering was not pleasing to YHWH.   "If you do well, shall you not be accepted?" (Gen. 4:7).   Qayin made up his own mind how he was going to worship YHWH, and what would be the offering.   How is Christianity any different?   All the Sun-day assemblies, Christmas trees, and Easter baskets in the world will not be acceptable to YHWH, unless He prescribed them as a form of worshipping Him.   So, our simple task is to find out what YHWH expects, then "do well" so that He will accept our worship of Him.   Then, we can expect to hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" (Mt. 25:21).   Doing "the Word" is obeying Him, not adding to it, or taking away from it, or adopting the Pagan cultural background as tradition has done.

Read Acts, and circle the word Sabbath each time it is used. What was Dr. Luke mentioning the "Sabbath" for?   Many say, "We aren't Jewish, so we don't have to obey the 4th Commandment".   Well, why stop there? Why not say,  "We aren't Jewish, so we don't have to worry about the 7th and 8th Commandment". What? Here's where the rubber meets the road  - What is the New (or re-newed) Covenant?   If it is something different, please tell me: The New Covenant   (See Jeremiah 31, Hebrews 8, Hebrews 10): Yahushua ha'Mashiach writes His Torah (teachings, Commandments) on our hearts. We receive a love for the Truth, His Word, which is the Covenant, or Ten Words.   It's as simple as that.  This process involves being convicted of sin (by learning the Commandments), repenting (stop sinning, turn back to them), and being immersed into [in] His Name.  This immersion is the outward sign of the "circumcision" of our heart, by the Spirit of the Mashiach, Who lives in us from that point on. I cannot convince you or convict you of your sin (rebellion against YHWH's Covenant, the Ten Commandments) -- but Yahushua can change your heart, which is your only hope. The mind of the flesh cannot, and will not, obey. I love YHWH's Ten Commandments. Would you like to love them too?

    I dare you -- say, "I want to love the Commandments too." Yahushua's Spirit is all around you, and He WILL grab you if you return to His Covenant.  This is what happened to the prodigal son, the moment he took his first step out of the pigpen, to return to His Father's house, the Torah/Covenant.  Take that step -- ask Him to write His Torah on your heart. He has promised to do this if you will repent, believing on His Name.

     If I were a servant of the adversary, would I promote the obedience to the Covenant made between Israel (YHWH's wife) and the Creator, YHWH?   You may have never heard it before, but you must engraft into Israel to partake of the Covenant(s)  (see Romans 11).   You do not "replace" Israel, you engraft into the olive tree.   You may likely be of a "wild" olive tree, a foreigner to the cultivated garden of YHWH, Israel.   The "sign" of the everlasting Covenant is the sign of the Sabbath Day, which rolls around each week.   My legal proof is Ex. 31:13-17, quoted again at Hebrews 4:4-11.   Without this sign, can you be in a Covenant of any kind with YHWH, based on what Scripture teaches?   Isaiah 48:10 speaks of an iron furnace, a furnace of affliction, an unfriendly environment which refines and tests us constantly.   Many of us are in that furnace now, being tested whom we will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve YHWH.   We are the servants of the one whom we obey. Look at the 12 gates into the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:12-15) -- each one is named for a tribe of Israel. There's no Christian gate, no Islamic gate, no Hindu gate. Welcome to all those who join Israel, and observe the Commandments of YHWH. If you want to really scare yourself, ignore everything I've told you.   If you want more proof, read Isaiah 56.   Actually, read chapters 55, 56, and 57.

    Consider the possibility that you may be intoxicated on wormwood, but you don't know it - so study on your own, without the excuses ringing in your ears. You will find the Truth of every matter under Heaven. It may sound odd to put it this way, but “drinking” the intoxicating “wine” (doctrines) of misguided preachers will keep you numb - as if you are drunk - and you simply need to sober up and do some personal research in the Scriptures. The excuses are "an eye of darkness", which seeks after ways of getting around the Commandments. An "eye filled with light" is that approach which pants after YHWH's Commandments, looking for more to learn so they can be obeyed. Which approach would Satan want you to take? Remember, Satan is a believer too;  but not an obeyor.   And if you obey, would that upset Yahushua, or the men and their traditions of setting aside the Commandments of YHWH?   You know the answer -- and if you act in the Truth, you'll be in the iron furnace with the rest of us.   Try obeying the Sabbath, and feel the heat we feel for it.  Walk like Yahushua.  I dare you. ~