It’s Not Abortion – It’s Murder!

By Pastor Joey Griffin, Sr.

[According to Ezekiel 3:17-19 and 33:1-11, where we who teach are called upon to “show My people their sins,” if we don’t, then we as well as they will be held accountable. This article by a guest writer, Pastor Joey Griffin Sr. addresses the genocidal slaughter that is going on in our nation and the world, in the name of “personal choice.” His article begins here:]

And the people’s love will grow cold,” Mat. 24:12. What greater sign could there be of a love growing cold, than for a mother to offer up her unborn child to a doctor who will stick a pair of scissors through its skull and suck its brain out with a vacuum cleaner?

I’ve been told that I’m too harsh in describing what the people are doing in the world, yet Yahweh’s Scriptures tell me to “rebuke with longsuffering,” 2 Tim. 4:2, “Rebuke them sharply,” Titus 1;13, and to “rebuke them before all,” 1 Tim. 5:20. As far as the Scriptures are concerned, anything less is lying. Jeremiah 23:28 is Yahweh’s retort to those who are telling the people to be at ease, so I’m telling you “to Him that hath My Word, let him speak My Word faithfully, for what is the chaff to the wheat?” Jer. 23:28.

Today people seem to be exchanging, renewing, divorcing, remarrying, trading, even swapping their wives, in the sight of all men, and no one wants to stand up in the face of adversity and say, “This is WRONG!” We have a president who opened the door for sodomites and lesbians to become ‘married.” He even has the citizens of the U.S. paying for murder, and has OK’d abortions into the 3rd trimester!

I had just finished writing an article on “Our Modern Day Sodom & Gomorrah,” which has received quite a welcome, to my surprise. Some people still accept truth, yet many reject it. While finishing that article, my sister made mention that “I’d like to see that article on abortion, also.” Well, that was a blessing, because originally Yahweh gave me both of them in one night, and they were together!

America has changed a lot over the years. Forty years ago, fifty years ago, and so on, no one ever made mention of “abortion.” Today it is a common word in our vocabulary. It stems from the word “abort,” which means to terminate, end, abandon. If you abort a life, you terminate it. You murder it.

The proper use of this word, would be to think it over, prior to conception. In other words, “put off the sex, to avoid murder.” You would abort – delay the conception of something until the proper time (after marriage). But destroying or murdering it precludes its use at another time. Should we act in Yahweh’s place and decide who lives and who dies? That was what Heylel (Satan) did, trying to put himself in Yahweh’s place. He got kicked out of the Holy Mountain for this rash act.

Jeremiah was told, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,” Jer. 1:5. David sang to Yahweh of his knowledge of Yahweh from the womb, Psa. 139:14-16. Miriam (Mary, Yahshua’s mother) was told, “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Luke 1:42. I have never in my life understood how a mother could decide to kill her own child. Let’s take a look a this from a few other perspectives, as I am trying to keep you from “murdering.”

If abortion is not such a big deal, why do most people involved have such a hard time deciding? How come all of the women I’ve ever met or talked to after having one, have to ask for forgiveness afterward? How come they have all said, “I feel so guilty”? Guilty of what? Murder? Disobeying the 6th Commandment is not such a big deal “IF” you’re an atheist. But if you believe the Bible, “It’s a sin worthy of death.” “Thou shalt not kill,” especially your own child who of all people has only you to look to for protection. And you are its enemy? Wow, talk about first degree premeditated murder!

Psalm 139:13-18 are the verses concerning Yahweh’s gift of life, starting in the womb. Verse 13 says, “For you have possessed my reins, you have covered me in my mother’s womb.” The reins in the Hebrew considered the umbilical cord, and “Thou hast covred me in my mother’s womb,” is supposed to represent the fact that the child’s spirit recognizes that Yahweh designed the mother “to defend her little baby,” not mutilate it and have it sucked out of her with a vacuum designed for cleaning up the murder scene.

Don’t misunderstand me, Brothers and Sisters, I am compassionate and I love the person who has been deceived by ha Shatan, especially after they realize their actions, but if I offend some of them, then “good!” It’s about time someone stands up for the millions being murdered each year, because from what I see, most of the sheeple are too scared. I, too, have had two of my own children murdered by a woman who hid it from me, then had it done. Once I came home from an overseas mission expecting to see my pregnant fiancé, only to find out she had an abortion because she thought I had left her.

Some of us men want to be Dads. Kids help straighten us out, make us want to stay home! Do you know how many of today’s wanna-be-moms can’t conceive a child? How many would do whatever it takes to have a beautiful little baby in their arms? And yet some pregnant woman, a doctor, and his medical staff are sitting in some consultation room, conspiring to commit first degree pre-meditated (legal) murder – and those who promote abortion are getting away with it.

Over a quarter of a million men are sitting in prisons around the country, for much less, for killing someone to protect his own or someone else’s life, definitely not pre-meditated, and yet America is OK with baby murder without punishment. Or so they think. There is a punishment.

Everyone involved will be accountable for the lives of those defenseless children. So be it! Let’s look at this from a Biblical perspective. Our Bibles teach us a lot of laws that give people a chance to see and understand morals correctly, so we had a chance to look at life from our Creator’s eyes. I want you to look at some commandments that Moshe was given to give to Israel, so they could live at peace with Yahweh and with themselves.

In Exodus 21, Yahweh has explained to Moshe to make known the fact that “if two men are striving with one another and a pregnant woman is caused to have a miscarriage, they shall be punished according to what the woman’s husband requires of them. It could be death. “But if any mischief continues, it will be life for life.” This is important mainly because it answers an age-old question, Is the baby “a life?”

Look slowly and carefully – “if the woman’s fruit depart from her,” there will be consequences, and if that man refuses to pay the husband’s judgment, verse 23 says, “it will be life for life,” so the “fruit” in a woman’s womb, IS a life, or it could not be considered a life for a life. It is not just a fetus developing –IT IS A LIFE! So now all you ignorant-to-truth people, argue with your Creator. Call Him a liar and tell Him He is wrong, if you dare. I am not the one saying it. The One who MADE you is saying it, and He should know – right? I am only trying to help save the eternal life of murderers, and help them to repent of their evil actions and quit killing little babies, because the Father is counting!

If you are considering abortion, you are playing “God.” If you have chosen that form of murder for a child, prepare to be held accountable according to the “lying in wait” scripture (premeditated intentional), Exo. 21:12-13). Have you ever held a baby? Have you looked into the innocent eyes of a new-born baby? Is this just a piece of fleshly tissue that has been suddenly changed into a living, breathing, sure-enough human being, merely by having come down the birth canal into the light of day? This is the epitome of evil stupidity and willful ignorance, and sadly, it is the law of the land! Human beings can be the most despicable “animals” on the face of the earth, and we are supposed to have the most advanced civilization of all time. But it is without recognizing that we have a Creator to answer to, and that He has given us plenty of information on how to live and care for one another, all sadly being ignored in this “enlightened” age. They say, “We don’t need “God.”

When a man or woman decides that someone should die, that is premeditation; calculating, and preparing to destroy a “soul” that Yahweh has made in His own image. That is cold, and requires the death penalty. Many states in our country, to qualify someone for the death penalty, require a murder to have been “cold, calculated, premeditated, and heinous, atrocious, and cruel.” If an abortion is not all of the above, then what is? What can be worse than slaughtering the most innocent and helpless?

Personally I do not believe in the man-instituted death penalty. I had to find out the hard way that it is not for us to judge men or women to death. But I know that when Yahweh institutes it, He is righteous. He judges rightly and makes no mistakes. He said in Genesis 9:5, “Surely your blood of your lives I will require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s brother I will require the life of man!” Is that clear enough?

There may be some of you out there who don’t take this seriously; others may ridicule me for my intolerance, and I am toward this situation. This has nothing to do with my own desire. I do it in accordance with Ezekiel 3:17 and 33:1-11 (please read these for yourself). When that arrow comes out of the air, or when the sword comes upon the land, or, brothers and sisters, when our Creator returns for what is His, I will not have your blood on my hands! I pray you will consider the seriousness of this message and pass it on, “Life for Life.” Shalom Aleichem in the Love of YHWH. Pastor Joey Griffin, Sr. ~ (Ed Note: I have made some minor edits for clarity).

(Ed Note: This poem was written a few years ago when the estimated death toll was only 50 million babies. Now it is nearer 70 million!)

Fifty Million People

By Robert Devine, Jr.

Fifty million people, enough to build a world;
Fifty million people – “We love our boys and girls”

Fifty million children, all from acts of “love?”
Fifty million murders – what are we thinking of?

We look for motes in others’ eyes and scream about oppression;
And every time an unborn dies, a star ignites in heaven.

We better hope there is no “god” to hold us to our sin;

Look what we did to ol’ Saddam, what will Yah do to men? ~