Latest Information on the Feast of
Tabernacles at Taneyville, MO

Things are progressing nicely for a great Feast this year in Taneyville, MO. This is about 18 miles northeast of Branson, MO, a mecca of (mostly) wholesome family entertainment. 

But that is not why we are going there. Rather, we are going there to hear Yahshua’s Gospel expounded; Yahweh’s Word  studied; to worship and praise the Creator and His Son in songs and speech. The Feast dates are the evening of Oct. 18 through Oct. 26. We will need help in getting the camp set up before sunset on Tuesday, Oct. 18, so come early.  If you give sermons or sermonettes, let us know. If you sing or play a musical instrument, plan now to use your talents and participate. There will be a “Night of Special Music,” plus a time for special numbers at each service. 

Several have already sent their reservations in, but there are still a few RV sites and one or two “family rooms” available, as well as plenty of dorm space.  It looks as if some tenters will be able to put up their tents very near electric and water connections.

Last time I mentioned sending a $25 registration fee with your application. This is not necessary. If you would rather pay after arrival, that will be fine. Registration will be on the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 18, then again on Thursday, Oct. 20, after the first High Day.  However, we would like to have an idea how many are coming beforehand, so we know how many supplies to buy.  Remember, it will be here sooner than we realize, so start making plans now! ~