Unity Conference, 2002

The 2002 Unity Conference was held at the Assembly of Yahweh, 7th Day, Cisco, TX on the weekend of August 2, 3, and 4. We attended Friday and Sabbath, Aug. 2-3, but left early Sunday morning to visit two inmates at the Gatesville Unit of the Texas Prison System.

Here is a report of the Unity Conference: Day one, the morning was taken up with two-minute introductions of delegates. I did not get an official count, but I would estimate that there were about 150 in attendance. Pastor Samuel Graham of the Holt, Michigan Assembly of Yahweh was the moderator for the event. He mentioned that this is the 19th conference. The first was held 18 years ago at Rocheport, MO with 13 states represented.

In the afternoon the speakers began to give their presentations.

#1, Larry Acheson (Plano, TX) spoke on heating food on the Sabbath. The Scriptures command us to prepare our food on the sixth day, but what about heating or warming of food before eating on the Sabbath? He believes this is a form of cooking and should not be done.

#2, Roger Norman (Fort Worth, TX) spoke on the sanctity of marriage, and gave the Biblical foundation for marriage. It is a physical analogy of Yahshua marrying the Assembly upon His return. The Groom will be pure, so should the bride.

#3, Jerry Healan (Atlanta, TX) had two related topics: “The Two Covenants - a Comparison,” and “Adultery, a sin that is besetting us.” Are the two covenants the same? If different, which takes precedence? How do we deal with media and society’s assault on Biblical standards?

#4, Michael Mastropaolo (Fort Smith, AR) asked. “Have the Assemblies stagnated?” Questions and signs to consider. What changes are needed. How we might begin to solve the problems.

Sabbath morning:

#5, Michael Banak (Oak Lawn, IL) suggested a framework for unity in the calendar. He called for prayer and fasting that Yah provide qualified elders to take the lead on calendar determination with voluntary submission to a unified calendar as proclaimed by these yet-to-be-revealed elders.

11:00 AM, regular Sabbath services with a special music program by various ones. The sermon was given by John Robinson (Emory, TX). “The Mystery of Holiness.” We are living in modern times similar to Sodom and Gomorrah. We reap what we sow. Should we be glad or sorrowful? We teach, but do the students have a desire to learn? If we are all truly seeking Him, we will automatically come closer to Unity. Which is better - to know all and do half, or to know half and do all we know? What consumes our time, energy, resources, attention? We must labor for the enduring things; draw lines and set biblical standards for ourselves. A changed life is a miracle. We are in-formed, i.e., formed within by what we take in.

Sabbath afternoon:

#6, Marvin Wilson (Celina, TX). “Let the Scriptures speak!” What does the word Elohyim mean? What does the Name Yahweh represent? Are there two Yahwehs? YHWH in the Bible. Divine titles, Names, attributes. “Hear, O Israel. YHWH thy Elohim is One YHWH.”

Saturday night:

#7, George Kinney (Ellenton, FL). “The lovely spirit of unity makes it a pleasure to be here, separate from the world - at one with each other doing separate works but all part of one worldwide Assembly.” He then spoke on the need for a Yah-determined date line, and why man’s date line is not good

#8, Frank Brown (Clarksville, AR) “Passover-Unleavened Bread-Yahshua’s Memorial Supper study” showing that the Israelites in Egypt prepared the Passover on the 14th, but it was actually eaten at the end of that day, the beginning of the 15th. Then they left Egypt immediately at daybreak. They had already spoiled the Egyptians and were thrust out. Pharaoh said, “Be gone!” After the death of the firstborn, they had no more favor with the Egyptians.

Sunday morning:

#9, Dale Sabin (Barnett, MO) presented “The Biblical way of taking a wife - BETROTHAL.” Our present method of dating and courtship is not Scriptural and dire consequences can follow. Betrothal involving both sets of parents and a marriage for life are the basis for a relationship directed toward and blessed by the Creator. This true mystery is important for all to understand.

#10, Charles Green (Conway, AR). “The Ten Commandments.” The body of law given to Moses applies to us today and was the fundamental teaching of Yeshua. Each commandment is expanded through statutes, judgments, and the teachings of the prophets (including Yeshua), and contains great depth of wisdom and the Mind of Yah.

Sunday afternoon: Next year’s meeting was planned, and the Assembly at Rocheport graciously offered to host it at their building complex and campground. Dates are the weekend of August 1, 2, and 3.

Yah willing, Pastor Samuel Graham, of Holt, Michigan, will again be the host, as he has been for the past 19 years. We thank him for his effort and dedication to the aims and purpose of the Unity Conference. While we do not yet see eye to eye on all doctrines, let us continue to abound in the unity of love toward our brothers and sisters, regardless of our differences of opinion.


Resources (Recursos):

Unity Conference tapes available from Jerry Healan, PO Box 31, Atlanta, TX 75551. He is requesting a donation of $5 or $10 per tape to offset costs of tapes and reproduction. There are 4 tapes, recorded at LP speed on VHS format. The titles are as follows:

Tape #1 - Roger Norman, Sanctity of Marriage; Larry Acheson, Heating Food on Sabbath?

Tape #2 - Mike Mastropaolo, Have the Assemblies Stagnated? Michael Banak, Framework for Calendar Unity. Frank Brown, Passover-UB Study. Marvin Wilson, “Let the Scriptures Speak!” George Kinney, Spirit of Unity & Dateline.

Tape #3 - Sabbath Services - Songs, Special music & Sermon by John Robinson. Exhortation to set Biblical standards for ourselves.

Tape #4 - Dale Sabin, Biblical Betrothal. Charles Green, The Ten Commandments. Samuel Graham, Jerry Healan, George Garner.


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